I was born in Guadalajara Mexico in 1972. I found an interest in fashion at an early age. I started selling candies at the age of 8 to fund my clothing addiction! I received degrees in fashion design, image counseling and tailoring in women and men from the Institute de Arte Bibriesca, now known as CIIND.

After graduating I decided that I wanted to really focus on formal gowns. I opened my bridal shop shortly after graduating college and was fortunate enough to run that business for 24 years before moving to America. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best fashion designers and teachers of Couture. I am one of those few that really loves what I do. I am deeply passionate about my profession and love working with people to make their dreams a reality.


AVF (Adriana Veronica Ford)


Manuel Mendez and I. I learned a lot from Manuel over the years, he was a pillar of fashion design in Mexico, Paris, New York, and London.


That's me in the middle! This was my first bridal fashion show after opening my bridal shop. Both dresses were custom dresses.


This was my first fashion line I created for my graduation at college.