Bridal Alterations

Your wedding is a special day, and you deserve to have your gown altered as you wish, in the most professional manner possible. Adriana specializes in the fine, delicate sewing your bridal gown requires, with absolute perfection you deserve. When you arrive for your appointments, Adriana's entire focus is on you.

To provide you with the best experience, it is important that on the day of your first appointment you bring with you the underwear that you plan to wear, as well as the shoes. On this day, all the necessary adjustments will be made to your dress by placing pins. All the alterations your dress need will be discussed, as well as if you would like any custom changes. It is important to mention this day if you plan to lose or gain weight. For your second appointment, your dress will already have all the agreed alterations, we will confirm that everything is perfect and to your liking. There are some exceptions in which it will be necessary for an additional appointment, this occurs when there are last minute personalized changes or weight loss or gain.

The third appointment will be to pick up the dress, you need to put it on and confirm that you are ready for the wedding!!!

Custom Dresses

Custom means a one-of-a-kind wedding dress inspired by you. Every dress begins as a detailed, hand-drawn sketch of your original ideas. An original pattern is created according to your specific measurements. You select the fabrics and embellishments. Nothing is prefabricated, no mixing and matching pieces from old stock.

Couture means, custom fitted, handmade and luxurious. Nothing is more important to the design of your dress than a perfect fit. This is almost impossible to achieve with an off-the-rack dress, even with extensive alterations. Adriana's dresses are constructed by hand and exquisitely tailored to meet your unique specifications.

Vintage Redesign

Many brides chose to wear a gown that is an heirloom. Maybe it was worn by a grandmother or aunt, but the fit of the garment is hardly ever perfect off the hanger. Adriana has creative ideas in reconstructing the vintage garment for wearing ease without destroying the integrity of the heirloom garment. Every effort is taken to ensure that the historical value of the heirloom is not compromised. Whether you want an update or repair, it's in good hands.

Custom Bridesmaid/Formal

Just like brides, bridesmaids and anyone wearing formal attire should feel comfortable in their garments. Adriana can make it a perfect fit.

Wedding Day Dressing Service

The big day has arrived, because we know that this is one of the most important days of your life and that it could become a day of stress. We have created "Wedding Day Dressing Service" This service was created to give you peace and complete tranquility for that long-awaited day, the day of your wedding! We have trained staff to help with all the details related to your bridal trousseau, so that everything is perfectly fine, and you look like you always dreamed, free of stress and worries for you and your family. We offer this service for all brides; it doesn't matter if you didn't use any other service with us. Prices vary, depending on how many hours you need and the location.